Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Technology is very broad, and it can be viewed in many different ways. My focus is on how technology affects society and how we adapt to those changes. My form of enclosure is how technology plays a role in society. My previous blogs addressed issues concerning technology as well as how technology and new devices are shaping the way we think and act. Technology can refer to machines, hardware, and utensils. Speaking of utensils, the fork was created as a technological advancement. It may be hard to believe, but the fork has changed the way we think and act. The American culture has adapted to eating with a fork and using the fork as a daily routine. As I consider technology throughout the blog it is important to keep in mind, enclosure, and how technology provides an enclosure. Some people argue that technology alienates people from society. Being isolated from society is a form of enclosure, and the body and the mind is the reason for such an enclosure. Ipods, cell phones, palm pilot devices, and pocket organizers are all forms of technology which isolate us from others. People may be less sociable when all the entertainment they need is in the palm of their hands. It is true that some people may alienate themselves with the growing technology, but I think that technology connects people in very easy ways. An email can be sent in seconds, a call can be made with a click of a button, and people can share ideas by posting a blog on the internet. Thanks to technology, society is connecting people, and for the most part, making it easier for people to do everyday tasks. Technological advances have been made on a day to day basis. The school systems are one of the most affected places. Years back all mathematical equations and formulas were done the long way, hand written of course. Today we have tools, such as the calculator, to speed up the process of the more time consuming jobs. Technology has created a new era of life. It makes the more difficult jobs so much simpler for everyone. The majority of research in schools is now done through a computer. Years ago computers weren’t around so research and reports were done by using books, newspapers, and magazines. Technology has improved our school systems for the most part, but what about the predicaments that it has caused as well? For starters, a large part of the practice by hand written equations has now died out and been replaced by the calculators. It might seem like such a great benefit to some, but it’s only the easy way out of basic mathematical concepts. If we don’t understand the fundamentals of math, we will never build a secure foundation and struggle simply because we took the easy route. Also, the rise in technological impact on computers has greatly benefited many. The down side might not be seen, but it truly is affected. Now that computers have been used and advanced so greatly, magazines and newspapers aren’t as valuable as they once were. This only concludes into a question; years from now, will there even be magazines and newspapers, and if so, how valuable will they be to us? Once again the fork provides a great enclosure for technology; the tines of the fork split and reveal the different aspects of technology. Does technology make people lazy? Will technology out-think the human race? Will the rapid growth of technology ever stop? Do people value technology or think it is a waste? How can all these questions be answered in one direct path? It cannot be done, and that is why the fork provides us ways to think in different levels, just follow the tines. I have incorporated a video I created for you to see what I think technology is. I also added a video on what my sister, Michelle Cacovic, thinks about technology. After reading this blog, one might wonder why I did not focus on a specific aspect of technology, but the answer is I cannot. When I hear the word technology, the thoughts that come to my head are endless. My system of enclosure is technology and how it plays an impact in the world today.

Thanks to Professor Moss and the English 280 class I was able to gain insight on technology and think outside the context of the issue to form my enclosure for the semester. If anyone is interested to learn the exciting things I have learned I urge you to view the main class blog of Professor Moss at:


My Technology Video

My Sister and Technology

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Technology Advancements and its Effects on Education

Technology is advancing every day, and how will these technological advancements effect education? I remember back when I was in middle school, and I only had a simple scientific calculator to do all my math homework and exams. Now in college, almost everyone owns a graphing calculator. The ability of the graphing calculator is far greater than a scientific calculator. With advancements like this, how do exams and learning styles change. Is there a trend that more exams are becoming open book? It seems to me that with the rapidly growing technology and all the resources that are offered to us, exams and homework is focused more on application and understanding, rather than memorizing or plugging in equations into a calculator. I think more schools are encouraging students to use all the resources possible to do homework and understand material, but when it comes down to a final test, it is up to the student to see what they have learned to apply it to different situations. I would like to know how you think technology is affecting our schools. Are students more prepared for the real world with all the resources that are offered or did students without all the technology accessible to them have the upper hand?

Chief Seattle

"The President in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. But how can you buy or sell the sky? the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?"
-Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle was a warrior, a leader, and an orator. I was very interested in Chief Seattle so I did some research, and really enjoyed it! He formed personal realationships with white settlers mainly to benefit and protect his people. The quote in the beginning of the blog is from a letter Chief Seattle wrote to the American Government in the 1800s. He uses the image of God to make a valid point to his arguments. He does not want to give up the land to the white settlers. To Chief Seattle and the Suquamish Indians, the land is holy to them. The ancestors of the indians shed their blood to protect the land. Chief Seattle finds it ridiculous for the US President to tromple over the land the indians have fought for.

I found Chief Seattle's letter a brilliant piece of work.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Reader and Kindle

Professor Moss posted an interesting blog about a new wireless reading device. There are some reading devices out on the market now, two of which are the Reader and Kindle. The growing technology is making it easier and easier everyday to obtain information. Having a small portable device to read a book or a newspaper is a very creative and innovative tool. I would consider getting a Kindle myself if the price goes down. I like the fact that Professor Moss added the comment about texture in her blog. I think it would be quite difficult to adjust to such a device. We were taught to hold a book in our hands and manually flip pages to continue reading. It will be interesting to see how I would be able to adapt to a Reader or Kindle. I am unsure if I rather have a book on paper or read a book through a wireless device. Most of my reading is done through the computer so having another wireless device to read information from will probably not be a major adjustment for me. I am curious to know what others think about a wireless reading device!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Fork

When I think of a fork, art comes to mind. Besides using a fork as an eating utensil, people have opened their imaginations to create art. A fork has simple characteristics: sharp edges, plastic or metal, a handle, and prongs. Going beyond the obvious properties of a fork is what creates the art of a fork. Professor Moss and her love for forks and its impact gave me more insight in what a fork is all about. I browsed a few internet sites, and found these wonderful fork designs shown below. Enjoy!






Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Impact of Technology

In class last week, we were asked to wander North Campus, at the UofM campus and interview people about technology. The questions asked were:
(1) Where do you go when you're seeking reliable information?
(2) Where do you get the news?
(3) Do you crosscheck information or make other effors to verify the information you recieve?
(4) Do your favorite news outlets give you a world perspective?
(5) Do you think we need more news sources than the ones we have already?

I interviewed 7 people and asked the questions I stated above. To generalize the overall response, the internet is the main avenue taken to obtain information. Why is the internet used so frequently? Are there other ways to obtain news and information more efficiently? The internet is growing exponentially, and many people find it very easy and quick to retrieve news and updates from the internet. A couple of responses to questions 1 and 2 were television. Many people said that they crosscheck information when researching on the internet. All seven people said that their news outlets can give them a world perspective or a local perspective. It depends on what you want to know, and what website or tv channel you wish to view. In today's day and age, we have many options in retrieving news and information. Everybody concluded by saying that we do not need any more news sources than the ones we have now. What sources do you use for obtaining news and information?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What The Internet is Offering

I stumbled upon a Time Magazine article involving DNA Testing. Websites are being made for people to get DNA tested and trace back ancestors. I think the creation of theses sites are great ways to find out information about you! The Internet is continuously growing and new creations like this are a great way to provide easier access to information. There is a fee to get DNA tested and to use the service, but of course people do have to make money. I think this is a great creation! What do you think?

Here is the article: